The flexible configurations and audio-visuals of the CMCiB mean it can provide hands-on training or live or recorded demonstrations for remote sessions. Courses for the perfection of operating skills are available, as well as training in the use of new techniques and equipment. Talk to our in-house and external advisors about setting up the course you need.

Perfecting surgical techniques 

The CMCiB provides the facilities with the spaces and equipment necessary for the latest continuing education in surgery for health professionals. The centre provides meeting rooms, a seminar room and four modular experimental operating theatres, which provide up to eight work stations.

The extensive audio-visual equipment allows trainers to use a tactile screen in the theatre to configure visuals, video-conferencing and streaming for the benefit of personnel on or off site. Procedures can be observed in the theatre, the seminar rooms in the same building and the adjacent hospital, or anywhere in the world. Operations and demonstrations can also be recorded in high definition for training purposes.

This technology provides the CMCiB with an extremely powerful tool for educational and training purposes, including a direct connection to Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital operating theatres, or other centres, setting a new benchmark for surgical training in the country.

What we have

  • 4 fully-equipped latest generation integrated operating theatres with a flexible configuration of up to 8 work stations
  • 1 haemodynamics surgical catheterization room equipped with C-arch fluoroscopy with MRI 3 TESLA
  • Diagnostic imaging and multimodal image analysis
  • Integration of audio-visuals in surgical areas and conference rooms for video conferencing, streaming and full HD intrasurgical recording
  • Direct video conference to Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital operating rooms

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European surgical training hub

The CMCiB can provide the latest surgical facilities, including those in experimental stages, through a close collaboration with the B.Braun Aesculap Academy European Training Hub. Since the autumn of 2018 B·Braun has used the CMCiB facilities as a reference centre, from where they share expertise and provide training activities for healthcare practitioners within the training programme of the Aesculap Academy. This collaboration has a two-fold advantage: it guarantees training in the safe application of products and solutions offered to surgeons by B·Braun, while also fostering further development of the new knowledge and skills required to continue to improve the health of patients.