Efficiency and sustainability

The CMCiB offers 4,500 m2 organized into specialized areas designed for its different activities. The facility was built for maximum sustainability and minimum impact on the natural park surrounding it, which means it is integrated into the hillside and has a low carbon footprint. The services include the latest technology to save energy and heat and despite being underground, maximum use is made of natural daylight and heat; it also incorporates a grey water management system. The majority of processes are automated, with the latest domotic technology and safety systems.

Purpose-built facilities include conventional, bio-contention and barrier environments. Each area is designed with integrated laboratories and specialized areas to minimize movement of animals and maximize welfare.


  • Lead-lined operating theatre with surgical C arm, equipped with endoscope. Integrated audio-visual links to the audio-visual training room (or exterior)
  • Three modular operating theatres with minimally invasive 3D technology. Integrated audio-visual links to the audio-visual training room (or exterior)
  • 3 Tesla MRI
  • Vascular interventional radiology operating room
  • Ultrasound
  • SPF barrier laboratory space, cell culture and operating theatres
  • SPF barrier drosophila laboratory space
  • SPF barrier laboratory, operating theatre with Caesium irradiator
  • Accommodation for small and large animals
  • Accommodation area for aquatic animals
  • Conventional laboratory space and operating theatres
  • Luminescence and fluorescence bioimaging facilities
  • Micro CT
  • Meeting rooms


  • Training and conference room with capacity for 40 people
  • Integrated audio-visual system in operating theatres with videoconferencing to the hospital (larger capacity rooms)
  • Recording facilities and private broadcasting systems via streaming

Services for research and training

  • Training and personalized support for experimental surgical models
  • Advice on design and execution of research projects
  • 3R research models
  • Application of experimental procedures
  • Management of accreditations and authorizations
  • Anaesthesia and analgesia
  • Animal welfare
  • Technical staff
  • Ethics Committee