Technology of the future, responsible research today

The Comparative Medicine and Bioimage Centre (CMCiB) is a unique new research and training facility in Europe. The most recent technology and custom-built facilities are available for the full range of biomedical studies, from pre-clinical models to new surgical techniques, all compliant with European standards for responsible research. The centre fully embraces the principle of 3Rs (reduction, refinement and replacement). The CMCiB is a facility of the Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP), located in the Can Ruti Campus, in the Barcelona area, Spain.

The combination of a purpose-built environment and an expert in-house team combined with external professionals, means that the CMCiB is able to provide teaching and consultation services on complex issues of experimental research, ethics and alternative pre-clinical models for a wide range of research projects. Through the use of its own facilities and strategic partners, the CMCiB is committed to improving and refining research methods and to promoting technological innovation.

The centre is equipped with the latest surgical diagnostic image facilities, including experimental technologies in the process of development; this is made possible through collaborations with partner companies. The purpose-built facilities include conventional, bio-contention and barrier environments for rodents. Each area is designed with integrated laboratories and specialized areas to maximize animal welfare and reduce the need for movement and transport of subjects and materials. At all times the CMCiB is devoted to applying the 3R principle and promoting the use of alternative methods for preclinical research.

The CMCiB is a publicly funded international research facility that works in collaboration with leading players in the private sector to improve and refine research methods and drive technological innovation for the benefit of society.