High school pupils from Sadako School visit IGTP

Yesterday, 5 June, the fourth year high school students from Sadako School in Barcelona explored the facilities of Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP) in a morning filled with activity. The visit allowed them to get introduced to some basic principles of scientific research.

The event began with a presentation of the centre, led by Carol Gálvez, coordinator of IGTP’s scientific-technical platforms. Subsequently, the students were divided into two groups to visit various scientific platforms and spaces at the Centre for Comparative Medicine and Bioimaging of Catalonia (CMCiB), where the heads of Translational Genomics, Cytometry, and Cryobiology showed them the instruments used by researchers to detect, preserve, and observe cells.

Sara Capdevila, technical director of CMCiB, delivered an introductory talk and accompanied the students during the visit to the operating theatres, containment areas, and bioimaging facilities of the centre.

To conclude the visit, Cristian Tebé, head of the Biostatistics Unit and promoter of the visit, and Gálvez addressed the questions from the students and provided advice to guide their academic futures, hoping to awaken scientific vocation. They emphasised the importance of these visits: "They are essential for connecting theory with practice, inspiring the young and showing them firsthand the real impact and value of scientific research in society."

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