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IGTP brings science closer to primary school students in Badalona

Researchers from Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP) have taken part in the 2nd Street Science Fair of ESO with a STEAM focus, held this morning on Badalona's Passeig de la Rambla, next to Escola del Mar. This educational activity has brought together nearly 600 students from thirteen schools and institutes. IGTP's scientists, together with students from eight secondary schools and other research centres and companies, have showed scientific concepts to fifth-grade students in Badalona through various workshops.

IGTP has organised two workshops: "Exploring the air we breathe: Respiratory health", led by Raquel Guillamat and Paula Sol, and "Clean Air Mission: Protecting Our Planet and Our Health", led by Mariona Cortacans. The workshops have been conducted by researchers from the Experimental Tuberculosis Unit (UTE), the Clinical and Experimental Microbiology Group, the Lung Immunity Translational Research Group and the Oncology Translational Research Group (OTR) at IGTP, and the Paediatrics Service at Germans Trias Hospital.

Raquel Guillamat, leader of IGTP's Lung Immunity Translational Research Group, remarks, "We enjoy explaining our research to the non-scientific community and firmly believe that bringing it closer to children and adolescents fuels their scientific curiosity, encouraging them to consider a career in this field". She adds, "we particularly enjoy interacting with children as they are very participative, ask critical questions about our work, and are a very appreciative audience since they actively engage in the activities we organise at IGTP".

Mariona Cortacans, a doctoral student at IGTP's Clinical and Experimental Microbiology Research Group, also speaks highly of the experience. "By bringing science into community spaces, this initiative helps foster curiosity and critical thinking among students in a fun and informal setting. Moreover, making science more tangible enhances their appreciation of the world around us and interest in STEAM disciplines. Thus, this activity contributes not only to the students' academic development but also can inspire future generations of scientists".

IGTP believes that scientific outreach is crucial for bridging the gap between the scientific community and society at large. Activities like today's not only enrich the scientific education of young people but are essential for them to understand the importance and impact of science in everyday life. This collaboration between educational institutions, research centres, and the community fosters a more informed and prepared youth for the challenges of the future.

The initiative of the '2nd Street Science Fair of ESO with a STEAM focus' has been organised by the Pedagogical Resource Centre of the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Escola de Natura Angeleta Ferrer, Escola del Mar-Centre d'Estudis Marins, and the Environment and Sustainability Area and the Education Service of the Badalona City Council.

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